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Revolutionize strap coil handling with the innovative Strapping Cart from RBK Packages , designed to optimize packaging systems. This practical transporter, the result of rigorous quality standards, guarantees maximum comfort and efficiency in the transfer of your valuable metal or plastic strapping supplies.

Its superior finish and top-level components ensure stability and resistance under the most demanding work days. Discover in our Strap Cart the definitive solution to implement ergonomic and effortless handling of heavy coils of strap within your logistics center.

Our Strapping Cart is built with strong, durable materials designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the packaging environment.

We use high-quality materials and sturdy construction to ensure the structural strength and long-term durability of our strapping cart. You can rely on the quality and reliability of our product for safe and effective transportation of your strap coils. With upper box for storage of the strapping machine.


Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand that each packaging system is unique, which is why our Strapping Cart offers flexibility and adaptability.

Designed with adjustable features, our cart can accommodate different sizes and types of strapping coils.

Whether you need to transport strapping coils of varying diameters or widths, our cart provides a versatile and convenient solution for efficiently handling your strap. Suitable for a variety of strapping types such as PP or PET strapping.


Efficiency and Ease of Use

Our Strapping Cart is designed to optimize efficiency and ease of use in your packaging system. With robust wheels and an ergonomic design, it allows for smooth and effortless transportation of strapping coils.

In addition, its easy-to-assemble and disassemble structure makes it easy to store and handle the cart when not in use. With wheels, approximate weight 16kg.


Strapping Car

The reliable solution for the efficient and safe transportation of your strapping. Contact us today and discover how our specialized Strap Cart can optimize the handling and transportation of your strap coils, ensuring an efficient and safe packaging process.

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